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Supercharger Porting

Supercharger Porting

Like any part of an engine’s intake system, superchargers can be given subtle enhancement to optimise airflow and increase engine efficiency and output. It is a great fallacy to think that supercharged engines don’t need cylinder head porting and flow optimisation on the inlet side - they benefit just as much as normally-aspirated engines, and that includes porting the supercharger.

While some companies across the Atlantic might claim 20-25bhp gains on a supercharged Jaguar engine from porting the blower, we think 5-10bhp is more realistic, but the main benefit is reduced heat build-up in the intercooler water circuit. Eaton superchargers, good as they are and a great choice for road cars rather than race machines, do raise inlet charge air temperatures. Drive the car hard, and this leads to increase in the intercooler circuit cooling water temperature, increased inlet air temperature and reduced power. A supercharged Jaguar can lose 10-15bhp on subsequent dyno runs because of this, and just driving a car hard on a track day or spirited drive will lead to a feeling of list power – and it’s not just a feeling. Reducing this heat build allows you to enjoy the car more.

Two Levels of Porting

We offer two levels of porting for Eaton superchargers starting at £175 (as part of a supercharger rebuild).

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