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Supercharger Oils & Greases

Supercharger Oils & Greases

We’re all familiar with the expression ‘Sealed For Life’. Often motor manufacturers claim ‘sealed for life’, typically when they refer to lubricant fills in gearboxes, differentials and superchargers. Shamefully, what they really mean is “sealed until it’s out of our warranty”.

While synthetic oils have revolutionised machinery life cycles, they cannot offer a magical perfect elimination of wear, or unlimited life. Supercharger applications are no exception.

Often from just 50,000 miles, supercharger oils can be tired, smell burned (snouts can really stink when opened up) and have the consistency of oxtail soup rather than nice pale clear turbine oil. Our oil kits contain a British Petroleum synthetic aviation turbine oil which actually exceeds the original Eaton specification.

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