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Jaguar Suspension

We don’t advocate putting hard springs with track settings on a road car. Been there, done that, and regretted it when young and foolish!

However, for the owner who occasionally enjoys more focussed driving, we do provide road springs which offer sharper handling and better aesthetics without compromising the ride quality of a luxury car. Due to only moderate increase in spring rate and ride height reduction (typically about 15% stiffness and 20mm), our springs retain ride quality and do not require shock absorber upgrades (including CATS-equipped Jaguar models).

To complement the springs, we recommend Powerflex suspension bushes which add further precision to handling, either on lowered cars or with standard springs.

We have also developed uprated rear anti roll bars for the X100 XKR and X308 XJR Jaguars, and can offer front roll bars for the X100 XKR.

For more information please press the links to pages below which explain in more detail the options for different vehicles.