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Jaguar Supercharger Pulleys

Jaguar Supercharger Pulleys

Unlike other marques or engine types, there are very few cost effective bolt-on performance upgrades available for the supercharged engines found in Jaguar and Range Rover V8 models. Fortunately though, we do have a couple of very simple upgrades which not only give extra power and torque you really can feel, but offer seriously good cost effectiveness in terms of £ per bhp, especially compared to exhaust changes or remapping.

There is a choice of upper or lower pulley change on 4.0 V8 cars, though on 4.2 and 5.0 models just the upper is the way to go. Pulley upgrades can offer supercharger driven speed increases from 6% to 16%. It is generally accepted that a 10% blower speed increase on these cars gives 2.5-3psi boost pressure rise and 35-40bhp (with 40ftlb) improvement on a 400bhp car. While that sort of figure is realistic for the midrange, high rpm peak power rise may be more like 10-15bhp, because the Eaton M112 becomes less efficient at the high end of its operating range. Dyno graphs for M112-equipped cars tend to show boost dropping off towards redline, but that doesn't prevent the trusty Eaton from responding beautifully across most of the rev range, giving the feel of a larger motor as well as more instant response. TVS superchargers (in 5.0 models) tend to give a wider response across the rev range.

We supply the highest quality CNC turned stainless upper pulleys and billet alloy lower pulleys to retail and trade worldwide, with many hundreds of happy customers.

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