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Jaguar Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs Jaguar XKR, XK, XJR, XJ & S-Type R

Jaguar Lowering Springs

The lines of all of these cars are wonderful but can be significantly improved with lowered springs, offering improved road handling as well as a stance which really does justice to the lines of the Jaguar marque.

Our springs our made by one of the UK's leading aftermarket road spring specialists and will lower most of the standard models by 25-30mm, or R models by 10-20mm. It does vary from car to car because depending on the age and production batch of your original springs, your car's starting height may vary. While the ride is firmer they do not give the harsh and unpleasant ride that is sometimes associated with aftermarket lowered springs. The cars remain able to manage speed bumps and sacrifice little of that Jaguar refinement and comfort.

More Information

Telephone us or email enquiries@powerhouse.uk to discuss options and prices, sets of 4 springs for Jaguar models start from £265.

Lowering Springs for Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage Models

As with the Jaguar springs, we have used a leading UK spring manufacturer to produce a moderately lowered spring set for the 2005-10 DB9 and V8 Vantage models.

These springs offer what we consider to be an ideal compromise between comfort and handling. The early DB9 models were rightly criticised for over-harsh spring rates, while the later revised models, after Bilstein shocks were introduced, were slightly too soft. These sets provide the correct level of compromise, as well as reducing arch clearance to give the cars neater stance and lines.

More Information

Telephone us or email enquiries@powerhouse.uk to discuss options or prices, sets of 4 springs for Aston models start from £365.